Tuesday, May 03, 2011

2 parties, 2 cakes, one weekend

Hiya! Just another shortish post today- A couple pictures of my most recent cakeventures. I made my son 2 cakes on the weekend for both his kid and family birthday parties- The stand alone cupcakes are chocolate, fudge filled vanilla buttercream and the red and white fondant was all cut out using my cricut cake- I was very tired, very sore and did not get to do yellow and white as I had planned. But in the end it looks more like Dr. Seuss cupcakes which is a-okay and delicious.

The second cake was cupcakes iced together- I drew out and cut the sign and all the little alphabet letters were cut with alphabet fondant cutters. They are devils food cupcakes with no filling and vanilla buttercream.

I got a message on my phone a couple days ago asking about making cakes for someone- I have not yet called them back due to toddler related pandamonium at home but hopefully there will be more cakes in the near future!

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