Thursday, January 25, 2007

a stroll through our future home

Matt and I took a walk along the 3 acre property we will be moving onto when we get married next year. It was really quite pretty and we found there was even more forest and trail on the property than we originally realized. One of the best things we found was a wooden gazeebo and a fire pit. I had my camera with me so we snapped some shots. Since i rolled out of bed and got in my car i wasnt all primped.

Matt however looks hot all the time so... his pictures are better.
I was bored so i played around with the focus and stuff...I dont care if you dont think its cool, cause i do lol. lol. lol.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

bridemaid dress ideas

ok ladies here it is. my number one running dress. i love the shade of green, i love the dress pattern. Very close to what i was originally working toward! Basically, i would kill for this exact dress and shade...did i save the clipping i lose the info on where to get these see if i can or cant convince my aunt to do them for me...
I've always liked green, never LOVED IT...i dont need to over accessorize the green...though slowly i have been finding i have a green phone, purse..fluke...and a favourite green sweater...also fluke. 2/3 of those bought and chosen for me.
But now i loveeee it...non caps...cause its up there with purple, pink and blue. So green has moved into my "i like it so much that i still cant pick a favourite colour" catergory! yay yay!

Take that ladies!

Friday, January 12, 2007

It's Set! in the end of my second week as a fiance and i am tired! hee hee hee. I am pleased to say that we set a date!!!!

JUNE 7th, 2008!

I am feeling nostalgicly bride like so my movie choice of the week for feeling warm and cozy is...


I booked my hall, The Renaissance Parque. My dad went to high school with the owner and they have mutual friends a business partners, so i know i can trust them to do a good job. I feel like Matt and I are getting a little bit of Royal Treatment and i can't say i don't mind :P He gave us a total deluxe open bar and a room for 500 people as long as give him 280 ppl. Most people would ask for like yes...great guy!

We also got first choice at Saint John's Crystostom RCC, and the priest marrying us also baptised Matty. So that is nice! And the man is sooo nice and reallly funny. The good old fashioned funny. They were very nice to meet with and lucky us they aren't too strict on how often we come to church. We have to go often enough but we dont need numbered envelopes they keep track of. My sister had that unfortunate situation where her angry irish catholic priest made them go every week and donate 20 bucks each time and then gave them no choice in their ceremony type. We got the choice of old or new, and hands down we chose THE OLD WAY. Because the church is trying to shed their reputation for treating women like commodities in the old days, they have instated a new ceremony. The Bride and Groom walk down the isle first, hand in hand. Then the mothers follow, then the fathers, then the maid of honour and then the following party. So my father had to watch his first child walk down the isle...from behind!

Well it pissed me off so..i refused to do it. Luckily this church let us choose. There is no pressure to be any certain way and its making me feel more comfortable with rejoining the church. God knows I've had my issues with it! The church itself is pretty too! In an effort to pass the next year as fast as possible I am thinking about even joining fundraisers and stuff the church may have... I loved doing that stuff in school so it may be nice to do once in a while. We missed our Childrens Aid Christmas Gift deliveries this year and I need my dose of community service!

Dare me to put my bridemaids in a dress like this? I wont but it gives me a base!

Matt's timing for his proposal worked out well! We realized the big bridal show was being put on in Toronto the week after! (which was last week)

I was very excited to go, but promised myself to remain calm. Kristin, one of my bridemaids and my Aunt Anna came with me and Kristin turned herself into a handy dandy pamplet taker and bag carrier. The woman wouldn't let me carry anything! I LOVE YOU KRISTIN! hee hee. I wasnt overtly impressed with the actual was cool for what it was but i wasnt like WOW! IM IN BRIDAL HEAVEN! I was looking forward to seeing colour ideas and stuff to that effect. Instead i walked around having pamplets handed to me every 30 seconds and i wrote out my name and address and email down like 20 times. The fashion show was fun to watch even though none of the dresses were the type i would get but hey hey! Still fun to watch. They were handing out everything from huge planners to magazines and cheesecake flavoured lubricant! serious! When i got home I emptied out my free william ashley bags like it was halloween candy! The picture doesn't really do the amount of papers i had justice! They look like small piles but most of the piles have at least 20 pamplets!

Soon I will be booking our photographer, scoping out a dj and getting my bridal binder going!
Holy Hannah i cant believe how much i wrote! sorry people!

Now im very sleepy and i think i should go to sleep! Tune in next time for a cheesy yummy throwback mac and cheese!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Going To The Chapel...

Hey Blogger world!
An announcement if i may...though i promised previously that post christmas would bring many a blogs with cookies and presents and fun. Due to facebook, i already uploaded the story...and so thusly i will post at a later date. Something else is new, and it just couldn't wait for me to hold off any more blogging entires!


yay yay yay yay yayyyyyy!

hee hee hee. so, that being said...perhaps a short synopsis!
Matt and I have been together for 3 1/2 years this month. He's my best friend and my absolute favourite person in the universe. We are with each other every day and have over the years built an incredibly strong relationship!

that is my little super serious blurb!

Matt and I hated this year, it sucked royal ass. Lots of crazy, (and i use that term fully) and tragedy. When midnight was counting down we were standing in the family room of my home, surrounded by a bunch of our close friends. The count down went off and i yelled a loud, excited goodbye to 2006. I shared a midnight kiss with Matty, and then everyone was giving me new years hugs. The phone rang and matt got on the phone with shane. Once matt got off the phone i was standing in the middle of my kitchen. He took my hands and he asked me
"do you want to start this year right?"

When i said yes, Matt dropped down on one knee and pulled the ring box out of his pocket. He asked, "Angela D******" will you marry me?" to which i let out a slightly drunk but really excited, happy, almost gonna cry "yeeeessssss!", and on the ring went. There was kissing and hugging, and then i realized that the whole party was watching and i couldn't cry anymore cause i was suddenly shy...
the phone rang 2 more times, i had 2 more conversations, called my mom and THEN everyone got to give me hugs and kisses.

Chantilly and Trevor were over, and they too recently got engaged! Here we are excited to be brides!

I have been planning like a nut bar all week...but i am very proud of what a calm little bride i am. I havent fully booked anything but everything is well underway and my hall is reserved!

I am taking it easy, mostly reading magazines and perusing the internet for ideas. Im stretching it out, and doing it well. You only get to do this once! Matt is very involved, coming to the halls and looking at everything online. He's really cute! Aww, Matty.

So yes there will eventually be a christmas post...but heads up. this blog may be BRIDE CENTRAL for a little while..., We are getting married on June 7th, 2008 so that gives me 16 months of blog material on top of my usual endeavours....