Saturday, October 21, 2006

the midget movie goer's return! the triumphant SQUIDGE REPORT!


Hello teeny tiny audience of mine! It's after midnight and im not interested in sleep right now. I'm curled up in my big comfy corduroy chair, doing what i like to do when im alone and surfin. I love watching a shit load of trailoes all at once. When I was 18, i went away to college, taking broadcasting, television and film. Two of my dearest friend and I started a night time radio show called 'falling objects'. from 8 to 10 every thursday we sat in our beloved "fish bowl" cracking jokes and more. My special piece of the program was sumn called THE SQUIDGE REPORT. i had a theme song i sang and everything. So... since i have a nostalgic miss broadcasting/film school moment, i am giving you the first online SQUIDGE REPORT!

Recently In theatres:

matt and i last saw school for scoundrels starring jon heder and billy bob thornton. I loveeeeed it. It was funny, it was spicy, and the chemistry between jon heder and his love lead female was really really sweet. I love Jon from Napolean dynamite and benchwarmers, and though he wasnt attractive in napolean, he is attractive in everything else. *CHING CHING* thusly...good movie. good writing. good adventure. good acting. good soundtrack. See it.



My mom surpised me by buying this movie off the cheap rack at rogers video. I was pretty excited because i have a thing for all drag movies and men dressed as women, dressed as a man movies alike. That being said...i watched this. found it shot beautifully. Had great feeling, appropriately timed jokes and climax. Loved the soundtrack, beautifully written true story. KINKY BOOTS however, did not sit too right with my friend i forced to watch after my first view. Jeff gave it a thumbs up, Matt gave it a thumbs up but never make me see it again, and katie gave it a couple snoozes on the couch and an msn name that read "kinky boots sucks"... oh well...



The Pursuit Of Happiness

I love will smith. He's hot and a great actor in my opinion. ohh fresh prince.... This movie is coming out soon and i wasnt sure what to expect when i turned the trailer on. When it was over, i wanted to watch it right at that moment. Will smith plays a single father struggling to make due while carting his reallly cute little boy around the city. He plays a really good part, and he had me really into the story. It looks REALLY REALLY GOOD. see the trailer, you will be convinced.



This one looks glammy. Yes..ok..beyonce knowles is in it and that could put a girl off seeing this. but she's playing a lead in a singing group, who backs up eddie murphy's character, who is kind of like james brown. It unravels like destiny's child heading the group, all the attention break up friendship dealy...but it walso looks like a really well put together movie...naturally it has a lot of hints at a dark underlying story...but i think beyoncee has a drug problem in it and that would be interesting to see. so see it! hahah (and yes in my show i did demand that my listeners 'See it" if i deemed it seeable!



Sandra Bullock is awesome, although i ended up with a life mate who HATESSS HER! arg matt you hate all my favourite leading ladies! cry cry! This is a movie about sanra bullock, who;s husband dies in an accident. Then she wakes up and he is alive...then she falls asleep and he is dead again, and she cant figure out why day to day she goes back and fourth so people on both sides think she is going crazy. It's like a crazy groundhog day. SEE IT! Sandra is crazy cool in this one.


Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny

Jack Black. Kyle Gas. The greatest band in the world...Jack sexy...angie like the fat fats....

enough said...



Wednesday, October 18, 2006

the complaint department, hear me roar!

I havent talked about anything in 2 weeks.

Since im at work, bored and bewildered, i will complain about something.....

well...i love tea. who doesn't love tea? I love donuts.... who doesn't love donuts (besides the worlds new health freak generation where if you even look at a donut they're like..."mmm..that'll clog your arteries"...just cause you've spoiled food for yourself, don't need to drag me down with you. ANYWAYS!


the great canadian coffee shop. I have been getting tea, cider, coffee, hot chocolate, donuts, sandwiches blah blah blah my whole life. It wasn't until recently i STOPPED buying any of these items often shall i say this...

THEIR STAFF IS SO DUMB AND THEIR CORPORATE BIG HEADEDNESS has gotten in the way of my delicious work tea and donut.

i can't even believe im bitching about an eatery like they owe me a lung.


i know the donuts are SMALLER, they're not as fresh and delicious as they used to be, there are so many flavours coming and going that half the time their staff doesn't know they dont have the donut you've asked for.
EXAMPLE! the strawberry vanilla dip donut. APPARENTLY they don't make them....but they had them for a over a year.

Today i got the chili and garlic toast they've been advertising so much its overwhelming. GROSS. GROSSSSSSSSSSS. the toast was just their stupid baguette BARELY browned then smothered in some nasty ass 'butter' that is thick and watery and overall upsetting to look at. The chili, lets just say that if my breezy day chili met up with their chili in an alley, their chili would be shanked. BADLY. it food like.


my tea, has been abismal since they introduced the "STEEPED" tea. gross. grosssssss. i'm an old fashioned bag in orange pekoe girl (with the occasional delicious earl grey) and i find this new steeped is thick and gross and GRAINY. if i wanted tea that felt like coffee i would order a coffee yes?
So everytime i ask for a 'bag in' tea i get a steep and it drives me nuts.
why? WHY!? they actually charge MOREEEEE for the sludge cause it sits in a pot as tea instead just as water in a pot...this somehow requires a 25$ difference.

Why can't things be like the fraggles? all singing and dancing!

at least i can say this...

they still make a mean hot chocolate and a sinfully delicious breakfast sandwich.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wicked is still Wicked!

WOOT! It's tuesday night (well, wednesday morning) and Holly and I just came home from seeing WICKED at the Canon Theatre. I loveeeee Wicked, this was my second time seeing at, and it was even better than the first. love love love it. I listen to it...often....alot...every day...for a year....hahaha.

Soshana Bean was Elphaba, which rocked my socks right off as I have seen her on Martha and think she is stupendis! I have a girl crush on her right now, she's so talented i want to cry. The whole cast was great, (including mr. trick from buffy the vampire slayer playing dr dillamond the goat teacher...will he ever play a live human i ask you?)
Holly loved it so much we listened to the soundtrack the whole way home and then went on you tube and looked up a couple of performances from tv spots etc.
Twas good. So basically, all i'm saying is...


Thursday, October 05, 2006

oh summer don't leave me!

Goodbye Summer!

It’s officially fall here. The trees are turned orange, red, and yellow, they’re purrrty though. The air has that crisp feeling and my house has that familiar warm fall haze feeling to it.

So this is my ode to the end of summer, my last summer vacation at the cottage. I spent a healthy percentage of my time in the kitchen trying out some new concoctions (one of which was Rachael rays chicken thai wraps…DELICIOUS!)

Since we were up for this summer baby’s birthday, I got a new present. My QUEEN IN MY KITCHEN chef hat. I wore it the entire weekend, and sometimes I wear it at home. Those who know me, know I love being in the kitchen, but I hate when someone gets in my way! I love a little help, but I get really nervous when people help me out. Don’t ask me why. Thusly, I am the QUEEN of my kitchen! Naturally, Matt has been more and more interested in helping me out in the kitchen and learning new kitchen tricks over the years. He’s the only person who gets to help me, NERVE FREE! (mom doesn’t count).


We made burgers…yes…boxed burgers. Half of us are in college, the other half are musicians, then theres me. The budget wasn't gigantic enough for more than a package or two of the fresh meat.BUT! They can be delicious when they are President’s Choice Sirloin Burgers, and you juice ‘em up with beer! One reason i love the summer and cooking so much, is that i love sitting out on a deck with friends by candlelight. Especially right on the lake where you can see the shimmer of the moon in the ripples and hear that melodicly soothing crash of the waves. So this year i decided to be outside even more, i would try my hand at ...the BARBECUE. DUN DUN DUN. I’ve never been a big open flame cooker, i make it too hot and i singe everything on the outside and leave it raw on the inside. But i have learnt that high settings are not always my friend and that patience truly is a virtue. EXPECIALLY IN COOKING! This year I really rocked the house with my bbqing. I didn’t only surprise myself, I shocked matt too!

It’s a Watermelon, It’s a Peach, NO! It’s a birthday cake!

I made my own birthday cakes using a betty crocker cake mix…ok I admit it. I’ve never been the best at scratch baking. But I saw this idea for making your cake look like fruit, and I love making things that look ridiculously cute! I made the watermelon cake pretty much by myself with some assistance on the final touches of green. I left the second cake for what I didn’t know. But when I came back into the kitchen that day, my lovely lady friends Holly and Kristin had created their own colorful icing and made me a PEACH! I loveeee peach. Hahaha. So that was fun times all around.

That’s all for today, as boring as this post has been. I’ll find something interesting to say someday in my life. Hahaha. I’m sleeeepy!