Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wicked is still Wicked!

WOOT! It's tuesday night (well, wednesday morning) and Holly and I just came home from seeing WICKED at the Canon Theatre. I loveeeee Wicked, this was my second time seeing at, and it was even better than the first. love love love it. I listen to it...often....alot...every day...for a year....hahaha.

Soshana Bean was Elphaba, which rocked my socks right off as I have seen her on Martha and think she is stupendis! I have a girl crush on her right now, she's so talented i want to cry. The whole cast was great, (including mr. trick from buffy the vampire slayer playing dr dillamond the goat teacher...will he ever play a live human i ask you?)
Holly loved it so much we listened to the soundtrack the whole way home and then went on you tube and looked up a couple of performances from tv spots etc.
Twas good. So basically, all i'm saying is...


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