Monday, March 25, 2013

Crafty Xmas

Hello Everyone

Pretending I did not forget about the existence of my blog again...for almost a year....

Moving on....

I thought I would pop up a few photos of some Christmas Crafts I made this year. As of late I have had a major urge to craft and sew, crotchet and more. This is my attempt at keeping my brain somewhat less mushy then I have been finding it is getting.

I also am reaching a point where I really enjoy making gifts for people more then buying. SO this year a few things went out at Christmas. 

I love my Christmas Tree, and the kiddo is at an age where he would try and "play" with the ornaments. I decided to take a pre emptive strike and find him something to distract from the expensive tree full of breakable memories. So after spenidng some time on my obsession, pinterest I found some blogs where moms had made a felt tree. So I spent a weekend shopping in Buffalo and hit up Joanne Fabrics. (Hobby Lobby, I will find you someday....someday...)

I made this funky little tree for wee man and he really enjoyed it. My nephew also enjoyed it, and even asked me to make him one. I didn't manage it this year but I promised he would have one by next Christmas Season.

I also am a whore for felt kits at Michaels and last year I got a whole whack of them on clearance. Sadly, I didn't buy them fast enough to get all the different patterns but I did get a few. While I did manange to get each kit for under $10.00 I did put a lot of time and effort and love into these projects- My family and girlfriends all loved them.

For my stocking stuffers for my aunts and cousins, plus for my Pointsettia loving Godmother I made this giant load of Felt pointsettias. They were super easy, I had tons of fun breaking in my glue gun.

For my girlfriends and I we decided on a minimal gift exchange- I started these hand sewn felt crafts in september as time filler at the cottage- glad I started early because I was so new at sewing I had a hard time deciphering the knots and directions. But I did get it down eventually- I made 3 types. Birds, Funky trees and what would you call them...word balls? lol.

I enjoyed my crafty Christmas- and have already been thinking ahead of the game.  I also took up crotcheting and got a sewing machine for christmas so I have embarked into that sleeve of craftiness. Everyone is getting home made gifts for the next 20 years!