Saturday, June 08, 2013

Birthday babies

Mr. M, Mr. J and Miss C all had their birthdays recently. 

I was such a busy bee during all this time that I managed to make J and C their cakes but had to order Mr. M's. Sometimes when you are putting together a whole birthday party for wee kiddies you have to give in to short cuts in exchange for not being horrifically exhausted. So my niece and nephew for custom cakes but my son did not. Classic! 

J had a Thomas birthday but I made him Mickey Mouse ear cupcakes. They were a little finicky and not quite the right look I was going for but he was very excite by them and he had no complaints while smashing them into his mouth. 

C had a Yo Gabba Gabba birthday but I made her this pretty strawberry cupcake cake.

I was considerably happy with both. The strawberry was probably the fastest and easiest cake I've put together. My grandmother pointed out that if I switch the strawberry upside down it looks like a tree. And so my Christmas tree cupcakes blueprint has been created in my mind. 

M had a toy story birthday. I went what one can refer to as overboard on loot bags. There were only 5 kids and an infant so I figured while the numbers are wee it's ok for them to be a little more stuffed. Once we get in to entire classes worth of kids, I will be thrifty and amazing! 

I printed out pictures from the movie which I found via a google search. We hung them on the mantle and played the movie during the party. 

We played pin the tail on bullseye (as best you can play such a game with 3 year olds) and everyone got a toy story bubble wand set as a prize for playing. Everyone went in the backyard at this point to play with bubbles and run off some of their cookie sugars. 

For food I served the basics- chips, veggies, pizza, taco bites, cookies and juice. I had originally attempted to make blue chocolate dipped oreo pops I found on Pinterest. Major major pin fail. 

M was really excited to see his friends and he was reallllly excited for cake. For his kids party I ordered blue and green cupcakes on their own and bought cool candles and put coordinating sprinkles on the cupcakes. 

For his family party we had pulled pork sandwiches with a plethora of salads and chicken. I found this awesome RIO cake at superstore. It was really well done and blue and jewel come off the cake and are morrocas, which M super enjoyed the idea of.

All in all it was a great year for birthdays!