Monday, February 12, 2007

Be My Valentine


Been a while! I feel like such a bad blogger mommy. Tisk Tisk! I havent blogged any food in a wee while and don't worry! They are just around the corner!
This blog however comes with a little Romantic Spice! sssssizzle.
Now, Matt and I both work until 9 on wednesdays and since valentines day falls on a wednesday this year, we celebrated early.
A run down! This was our 4th Valentines together, and we dont really do presents much on this date. Or flowers or that jazz. We tend to just do something we dont do too often.
One year we were in London (ON) and Matt took me to see RENT. Another year we ordered a pizza and holed up in a hotel and watched cable. Another year we just went to a movie and i made dinner. THIS YEAR we had loads of fun!

We drove down to VAUGHAN and stayed in the COURTYARD MARRIOTT.
The sweet thing about the Hotel's location is that it sits in the middle of a busy busy fun zone! We were walking distance (and i mean just across the parking lot) to IKEA and places like DAVE N BUSTERS and boston pizza, mini putt and more.

A run through. We went out for the day and grabbed some falafel and chicken wraps at Extreme Pita. As you can see im content and excited for our journey! Matt, jack bauer resembled, is pumped! WE DONT HAVE TIME!

We hung out in the hotel, and i was very excited about the cool tub! I even took a picture of it so that you could see how fun it was to watch fill up! Its like a little waterfall!

After much lazing we worked our way out into the cold and walked over to IKEA, conveniently, a 3 minute walk across the parking lot. We did the usual walk through, discussing different ideas for the apartment we are building and getting really excited looking at all the different set ups. We bought our spice jars that i have been eyeing and oggling for over 2 years. I promised i wouldnt buy them until we were engaged if they still had them. They do still have them and thus far! HURRAH! hahaha.

After our jaunt through the furniture wonderland we headed back to the hotel to get ready for our dinner reservations. We headed out to IL FORNELLO, an italian restaurant in richmond hill where they make stone baked pizzas and such. It was rather tasty!
I had an Amaretto Sour and Matt kept to the sober lane with a coke.
Bruschetta With Cheese, as a shared appetizer (which we found was 4 tiny crostinis but oh well)
Matt had the Spaghettini Primavera with grilled chicken and I had the Veal Marsala with fettucine.
We had some chocolate lava cake and tea for dessert! It was like eating harder pudding cake...twas delightfully sinful!

After that we headed back to the hotel with the intentions to go to Dave N Busters (the adult chuck e cheese) and found that the parking lot was very full and there was a lot of people cramming in. Instead we sat on our porch and watched people screw up driving their fancy cars in the parking lot.
We had ourselves a wee bath with some cherry strawberry wine (shhh secrets) and settled ourselves to sleep with a hotel ordered movie...the uber romantic...always funny, never boring, TENACIOUS D AND THE PICK OF DESTINY. hahaha.
The next day we sat in bed and watched OBAMA make his presidential candidate announcement, which was the first time in my life i was interested. If i was american i wouldn't hesitate to vote Obama for president. He said everything i have waited to hear a candidate say and he brought tears to my eyes!

We packed up, checked out and headed over to Dave n Busters where we had lunch. Now, I have been to Dave N Busters but matt never has. So that was fun!
Here is matt waiting at our table for his lunch, uber excited by his environment!

Here i am, also uber excited!

We played a bunch of games and had a blast being young adults! lol. It was tons of fun and we kept a card with our points on them for next time!

This Valentines Day gets a rating of 10 stars of 10!

I love you matty, thanks for a great weekend!