Sunday, May 06, 2012

Hey everyone!

fall off the face of the earth again? why yes, yes I did. No use explaining the usual excuses. 4 jobs, 2 year old boy, exhaustion and just plain life! But here I am, with probably about 20 blog ideas and maybe, just maybe,  I will have the time to bang them all out. 



2 years old already, wow. My silly googley eyed Monster, makes me smile everyday- even when being psychotic. I hope your birthday would be everything you dreamed it to be, if you understood the concept yet ;) Love love love you!

And of course happy birthday to my nephew Jimi- you drive me insane, but I love your silly little face. 

I have been a busy bee lately- I work for a commercial make ahead dinner company part time, watch my nephew 3 days a week,  I am a Pampered Chef consultant and lately business is great, plus I make cupcakes on the side. April was a big month for birthdays- I made 3 sets of cupcakes in 3 weekends. One for my nephew, one for an aquaintance and one for my own child. (I was so tired of making cupcakes I ordered a cake for his second party with the family-gasp)

All in all I was pretty happy with them! 

Yo Gabba Gabba Cupcakes for Miles- Dj Lance Hats

 Elmo and Sesame Street Colours for Grayson

Thomas Cupcakes for Mr. Jimi

I am not sure I will have any more orders for a wee while, but I think I will enjoy the break ;)

Next Blog: Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party