Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seeing Rainbows

Hiya! It's been a busy summer- how about you? This summer has been busier as usual- I'm surprised by how I have managed to fill every waking moment of my calendar and still have time to breath but it's been a really awesome time for us all. I am far from looking forward to being wholed up in the house surrounded by snow with 2, 17 month olds. But we will be filling our winter schedule with play dates and toddler programs I'm sure. That said- what is it I have been up to you ask? Plenty!

In the interest of not boring you with the details I will list it off super quickly!

*A week here and there at the cottage

*My birthday away in Niagra Falls
*A shopping weekend in Buffalo
*a Pampered Chef conference in Montreal
*Visiting friends from out of town x2
*Numerous Zoo trips.

So this blog post is simple, and delicious. Referring back to my beautiful weekend away with my Hubby to Niagara falls, we spent a dinner at the Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra. I love Massimo when i see him on Breakfast television, The Mom Show and numerous Food Network programs and was not disappointed in the food at this restaurant at all. I made sure to only order items what had his signature on them.

The bread basket they brought to the table while we waited was delicious. Warm rosemary foccacia bread with Hummus that was covered in Olive oil, Balsamic vinegar and hot chili flakes. Different, delicious and super impressive for something so simple. But I forgot to get a photo :(

I had what can only be described as one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten at a restaurant in my life. Top 3, hands down. What could it possibly be to earn such a place in my culinary memories? Why- the silky delicious appetizer "Warm Peaches and Cheese"- Caramelized Niagara Peaches, St. Andres Cheese, Prosciutto Di Parma, Olive Crostini, Nicoise Lettuce, Micro Greens, Peach Vinaigrette....yeah. YEAH! It was so salty and sweet, creamy and crunchy. I was seriously blown away.

My hubby Matt had the Caprese salad- Roasted Eggplants, Mozzarella “Fiore Di Latte”,
Ontario Hot House Tomato Salsa, Micro Greens Salad, Tomato Vinaigrette. He really enjoyed it and the bite I had was super fresh- the mozzarella was from another world.

Though we had planned to have 2 different entree's so that we could try 2, we couldn't do it. We both reallllly wanted to try the Fettuccini Bolognese. Classic Italian Meat Ragu, Hand Made Fettuccini, Parmigianna Regianno. Neither of us could get half way through it the portion was such a great size and it was again, so delicious and balanced. Creamy and saucy, meaty and he pasta was amazing.

The restaurant itself was simple and sleek- White linens and 360 glass wall views of the falls.
However- While the food was amazing the service was only so so. Which is too bad that Massimo can't control the service that is representing his name. The waiter was very nice, and knowledgeable but it was very slow. We spent the time between appetizers and entree's listening to an argument between the people at the table next to us because they had to take a baby to bed and had not recieved their food yet. When the 8 entrees came out they got up and left, leaving the team of waiters lost and the patrons curious. I thought that was a bit of an over reaction. I loved the food and even though the food was slow it was clearly made well, and with skill. I would eat there again if I had to wait 2 hours for my meal.