Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Friday, October 05, 2007

Dress Shopping Easy as 1, 2 ,3

About 2 months ago i had a day off from my then busy work schedule. I didn't feel like sitting at home, or cleaning. I couldn't decide if i wanted to watch a movie or listen to music. I couldn't sit down and i wouldn't stand still. I was going stir crazy! So after managing to flip through a page of a bridal mag and a quick glance at the calendar i figured " today might be a good day to go check out a few of the local bridal shops. " So i called up my Bridesmaid Kristin and we headed out on the town. We started at Elmwood Brides, a beautiful old house with different levels and rooms full of bridal goodies.

My main goal for this excursion was to check out dresses for my bridal party and get a better idea on what colours are available. But what self respecting bride-to-be can walk around in
a shop and NOT peruse the dresses? Being that i'm a rollie pollie ollie I thought my chances of a decent sexy dress would be pretty frustrating. Elmwood had a large rack for the plus sized gals but a lot of them were TOO plus and a few were just scary. Amidst all the dresses i got really full of butterflies and next thing I knew, i was pulling an armful of dresses in my size off the rack.

Dress #1 I tried my first dress and of course got all full of happy emotions and perhaps there was a tear or 2. It really was very pretty. It fit almost perfectly except my buzzies were a little too small for it. Big problem! 8 foot train on a 5 foot girl. moving on...

*~This is a shot of the first dress. NOT MY DRESS! Can you see how short I am now? hehe. But in this shot you can't see the huge train.~

Dress #2 didnt fit at all. 2 sizes too big, it was oddly shaped for someone who looks like me and i didnt even need to do it up before expelling it to the rejects hook. And another...

Dress #3 was very pretty, very comfortable with the kind if tummy hiding capabilities i wanted but it felt a little prom-tastic and i wasn't sure it was quite me.

Dress #4 Then kristin held up the last dress i had nabbed. I hadn't look at it just it's tag. She had it all bawled up so i could get into it. I slipped my head through the top and felt it hug my body as kristin got to work on what i then realized was a different back then i was originally looking for. I stared at myself in the mirror and realized what an AMAZING dress i was wearing. and it fit. I mean it FIT...PERFECTLY. I was amazed and how small my waist was, how well it complimented me and well at just how damn gorgeous it was. The only fault it had was a small train on the back that still proved a little too long for little 'ole me. Of course, i paid the extra cash to order it with a small train and plan to have it altered further when it comes in. I wish i could show you or give you the details but of course this is a TOP SECRET DESIGN. Can't give anything away until those big doors open at 1:30, 8 months from now.

I did go to a couple more shops. The service wasn't as good as Elmwood, the dresses weren't as good. Most places had tiny dressing rooms and a big room in the middle of the place to look at yourself in. NO THANKS.

When i told my mother i had found my dress she suggested i hold off and go to Buffallo. Try on more in a boutique that has blowout sales and all that jazz. But when she came to see the dress and on me all done up she didn't say another word about looking for another one.

How EASY was that? it was easier to pick my dress than it was to pick my DJ! The picture to the left is as much of the dress as anyone not in the female side of the wedding party gets to see! sorry peeps! I have to find a tattoo cover up at the request of the entire family.....even though Matt and I would really rather it was left out in the open. After all, it's who I am.

But don't worry I didn't forget to look at bridesmaids dresses~ I'm going with a nice cool blue. Although i wont know the exact shade until the ladies see all the choices. My 2 favourite dresses!

both will be in the blue, though the dress in brown comes in a gorgeous ice blue and its my favourite with a big lead!

Well that is my ramble ramble. Hope it satisfied any wedding news cravings some of you have been having :P I know I've got a long and short 8 months to satisfy all mine!