Thursday, November 13, 2008

A wedding day Rundown

I just reformatted my blog page, and switched it from a dark blue background to a creamy colour. All my text in the other 57 posts are bright pinks, blues, tangerines.... a horror to the eye really when i think about it. But this page gets to play with ALL colours. If the look of the page doesn't make your eyes bleed, that's a good day.

My last blog wave was back when I was planning my wedding and right before things got HECTIC. I'm talking, living out of a suitcase cause my house is a big wooden box still and I'm planning a wedding for 250 people. But seeing how everything went so swimmingly and I am finally getting more settled in my newly married life I can get back to blogging...for a while at least. So here are just a few shots from the wedding to give you an idea of the day. It was sunny, we were on top of the world and I have never danced so much in my life.

The Hairdo

The Ladies Help Me Prep- Just thought it was a nice shot

The Ladies in a row

Happy Over Eccentric Newlyweds in the limo

A decent shot of my dress without using a photographers shot

Our First dance was gonna suck because we are not the most compatible on the dance floor together. But we are musically compatible and so we did a first song instead of a first dance. My Husband Matt played Guitar and I sang Jack Johnson's "Better Together"

That's it for today I'm thinkin. ciao!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Can It Be?

ok, im in a new house. my wedding has already 6 months come and gone. in fact, my blog has not been updated in like, 10 months or sumn! insane! the reason i strayed away? my blog was being a pain in the ass! im not exceptionally tech smart, i have a husband who fixes everything for me. But this blog was becoming so hard to do. My net, my laptop and more all made it very hard for me to upload pictures, or even to drag and drop. it owuldnt let me drag, the nightmares i was having. and i got pissed and gave up for a little wee while...10 months wee while.

but i am on a new computer, with a proper mouse, in a new home with shitty country internet but i'm going to give this another try. I really love doing this blog and i love reading other foodies blogs.... and i just want to learn how to make a decent one! lol

to test todays little entry, a photo! This smoggy, grey, finger smudged photo is believe it or not, a sight that made me almost cry. This is my shot of the NYC city skyline as our plane landed in LaGuardia. I waited my entire life to soo the big apple, and 3 separate attempts prior to this FAILED. so when you finally get to see something you always wanted to, you get...well... HAPPY!

now to test photos again....i added only one photo and it did not allow me to drag it down without dropping it in the middle of some text....i dont get it there is sooooo much white unused space on the screen why cant it be more open? *sigh*

ok...drag and drop didnt work...bastardo. however, i switched over to html and took a guess at what could happen if i cut and pasted all that jargin that represents a photo and that worked out to my favour....feeling better! This shot is one we took of the pond in Central Park, it was a gorgeous day!

now that the shoot the shit trouble shooting blog is done, let's see how i can get a years worth of back bloggin up hahahah. look out!