Wednesday, October 18, 2006

the complaint department, hear me roar!

I havent talked about anything in 2 weeks.

Since im at work, bored and bewildered, i will complain about something.....

well...i love tea. who doesn't love tea? I love donuts.... who doesn't love donuts (besides the worlds new health freak generation where if you even look at a donut they're like..."mmm..that'll clog your arteries"...just cause you've spoiled food for yourself, don't need to drag me down with you. ANYWAYS!


the great canadian coffee shop. I have been getting tea, cider, coffee, hot chocolate, donuts, sandwiches blah blah blah my whole life. It wasn't until recently i STOPPED buying any of these items often shall i say this...

THEIR STAFF IS SO DUMB AND THEIR CORPORATE BIG HEADEDNESS has gotten in the way of my delicious work tea and donut.

i can't even believe im bitching about an eatery like they owe me a lung.


i know the donuts are SMALLER, they're not as fresh and delicious as they used to be, there are so many flavours coming and going that half the time their staff doesn't know they dont have the donut you've asked for.
EXAMPLE! the strawberry vanilla dip donut. APPARENTLY they don't make them....but they had them for a over a year.

Today i got the chili and garlic toast they've been advertising so much its overwhelming. GROSS. GROSSSSSSSSSSS. the toast was just their stupid baguette BARELY browned then smothered in some nasty ass 'butter' that is thick and watery and overall upsetting to look at. The chili, lets just say that if my breezy day chili met up with their chili in an alley, their chili would be shanked. BADLY. it food like.


my tea, has been abismal since they introduced the "STEEPED" tea. gross. grosssssss. i'm an old fashioned bag in orange pekoe girl (with the occasional delicious earl grey) and i find this new steeped is thick and gross and GRAINY. if i wanted tea that felt like coffee i would order a coffee yes?
So everytime i ask for a 'bag in' tea i get a steep and it drives me nuts.
why? WHY!? they actually charge MOREEEEE for the sludge cause it sits in a pot as tea instead just as water in a pot...this somehow requires a 25$ difference.

Why can't things be like the fraggles? all singing and dancing!

at least i can say this...

they still make a mean hot chocolate and a sinfully delicious breakfast sandwich.


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Sayne Labs said...

Much love for the Timmy's Hot Cocoa. Mmmmm...