Thursday, January 18, 2007

bridemaid dress ideas

ok ladies here it is. my number one running dress. i love the shade of green, i love the dress pattern. Very close to what i was originally working toward! Basically, i would kill for this exact dress and shade...did i save the clipping i lose the info on where to get these see if i can or cant convince my aunt to do them for me...
I've always liked green, never LOVED IT...i dont need to over accessorize the green...though slowly i have been finding i have a green phone, purse..fluke...and a favourite green sweater...also fluke. 2/3 of those bought and chosen for me.
But now i loveeee it...non caps...cause its up there with purple, pink and blue. So green has moved into my "i like it so much that i still cant pick a favourite colour" catergory! yay yay!

Take that ladies!

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