Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Beasters

oops this is my easter blog post that was accidentally left in the edit folder- better late then never!

A shot of my Easter Cupcake nests

Proof of the gigantic Easter Beaster Feast- This year there was even more veggies and fruits- I made the fancy Devilled eggs

These are the Little People Eggs from fisher price- They were absolutely perfect for my son since he is only 1 and I obviously will not be giving him chocolate. They were filled with these adorable little chick and Bunny, Easter kids, and more.

He did a really good job of finding the eggs and was really excited when he clued in and realized we were giving him things. ;)

This is my easter basket of presents- overkill...yes I know. I told my husband "I overdid it again" and his response, instead of being that I was in trouble was "With you hunny, at this point its just par for the course and I wouldnt expect less" lol. I have no intention of giving giant baskets like this always but its full of thigns I needed to get him and a couple little things. The good news is alot of these items were from the dollar store or under 5 dollars- Except Elmo- Elmo was a gift from Nana, but I felt he helped complete the basket. <3

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