Saturday, November 11, 2006

Don't judge me, monkey

After a lot of bitching at blogger, I have finally discovered my picture posting drama. All my pictures are ONE MEG too large for posting. UGH! Bleeding hearts of the world unite!

The post I have been trying my hardest to load up is THIS ONE! YAY!!!!!!!!!
So here it is, 2 weeks later than I wanted to post….


Matt’s birthday is Halloween weekend. For our birthdays we head up to the cottage and spend a few days on the lake. For those of you who are avid readers of my blog, you would have seen my own birthday blog. So I sat there, planning this bday for my matty, and I thought. How can you have a birthday party for someone around Halloween and NOT have a full out birthday party! It’s ridiculous! Hahaha so I sent out the longest email of all time, telling everyone they have to show up dressed in a costume!

From there I got all nutsy and I went all out Halloween style. I went to party packagers with my trusty shopping companion Kristin, and bought up a ridiculous load of Halloween party stuff. I got plastic Halloween tumblers, which I later filled with bags of candy for everyone to take home. I got everything from orange and black streamers, balloons, black tablecloths, black candles, cookie cutters, bowl, I had a blast!

Me in my Sacred Space

Naturally, I spent the entire Friday at the cottage in the kitchen, making fresh food. I had lots of helpful hands from my buddies and it made the day easier. For my costume I was “Gertie The Dirty” a teasingly wholesome homemaking witch!…one of the extremely few occasions I show any real skin is Halloween so I thought…get ‘er done!

My purty table decorated with treats!

At the party I served:

Creamy Macaroni Salad
Dijon Red Skin Potato salad
Cucumber Tomato Greek Salad
Buffalo Beer wings
Swedish Honey garlic meatballs.
Halloween cupcakes with glow in the dark rings
Ghost and Pumpkin sugar cookies with sugar icing
Swamp water

I was insane happy with the table I dreamed up! Again, I had help! Kristin was kind enough to be my paparazzi for the evening. I even managed to use all our old orange bowls from the 80’s for the food. It was match-tastic

I was really happy with the feeling of the table once the lights were out!


Shane, Matty,, Me! Dave, Holly, Mark and Kristin (Kristin did not come in front of the camera! She likes to make me cry! Hahahah)

I had my yearly cigarette as we all took a shot out on the front porch, every one of us holding a smoke. (mom, I love you! Once a year!)
Half of the night was spent outside. Most of the people at the party are smokers, and when I’m really hyper or drinking I can’t stand being inside for longer than 20 minutes at a time. Apparently neither could anyone else!

We made a set of 4 cd’s all funky fun jumpy music, some Halloween music, essentially, fun music that makes people jump around and dance and laugh and have a good time! We danced all night, in the kitchen of all places! Our buddy dave brought us a strobe light which made the decorations in the house extra insane to look at while bouncing around on the dance floor. Shane and I even found ourselves happy sitting on the dance floor together!


Its crazy how much they each really look like the characters

Me: Gertie The Dirty
Matt: Jack Bauer of 24
Shane: Tony Almeida of 24
Dave: Mental Patient
Holly: Redneck Prom Queen
Mark: Diablo!
Kristin: Spider Wed lady!


Best Costume: Shane
Prize: King Kong screaming action figure
Best Drunk:
Prize: Small Silver Flask

*prizes decided by who was the most in character and who made me laugh the most while drinking, not necessarily who drank the most.

We danced the night away, even after I changed into comfier clothes…which were inside out and nobody, not even me, noticed.

Dance your pants off while your shirt is inside out!

We all wound down around 2:30 in the morning and sat together laughing all over in the family room. We finally packed it in at around 4am, and life was good!

We will DEFINITELY be having this same party next year. Hands down the best Halloween party we have ever thrown or been to!

(boy what a lucky boy you were this year!)

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