Sunday, March 20, 2011

Entertaining on a diet

Now it's important to remember that while I did title this post "Entertainment on a diet" I am in fact not on a diet. I am a weight watcher. But it was a better sounding title.

I am always happy to entertain friends for lunch, dinner, cocktail hour, any occasion. But being so tuned into trying to eat better it can get a little crazy trying to stay within points range.

The other day I entertained a girlfriend for lunch who is also trying to keep tabs on what she eats. I decided to make a spread based on the things I had in my fridge that I eat everyday, with one treat in the mix.

I served...

Rice crackers
Weight Watcher Pretzel Thins
Ryvita Multrigrain crackers
Salted Almonds
Goat Cheese
Chili pepper jam
Dip- low fat ranch with yogourt to stretch it out
Pita bread
Smart pop popcorn
Cheddar cheese
Strawberries and Grapes
Homemade Lemonade- The treat.

With all the little finger foods we ate slowly while we chatted and since I had weighed all the cheeses and dips before hand, I was able to track how many points I was consuming.

Lunch was delicious, snacky, and guilt free. Not to mention, half of the food was left over.

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