Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lilli the cat: Mastermind or dumbass?

Just WHY Lilli is a mischievous Kitty!
So I am sitting here uber bored and in desperate need to entertain myself. That being said, what better was to pass the time then to create a new post! But a post about what?
Something that makes me happy, always makes me smile and gives me a cozy warm feeling! My fuzzball baby, LILLIX!
Lilli has a few nicknames...nick names are lilli, lix, lillykin, lillyboo, lillybitch and shut up im trying to sleep

OK… so in the past I have made certain comments about Lillix,…whom over the years has really more become… Lilli! She is indeed, a mischievous cat!

But howwwww mischievous can she possibly be Angie? Well lets see….

She cries all day if her food is older than 6 hours. And wont eat in the morning if there is leftover food from the night before. She will piss whine and moan until fresh food makes its way in there.
She licks, bites and paws at any bare skin poking out of the blanket at night
She wont leave me alone EVER
She pushes my laptop off my lap for hugs
She plays acrobat in the loft

She finds a way to sleep in EVERYTHING

She licks and steals food off of plates but never eats it
She sits in EVERYTHING. (pasta pots, small deco boxes, purses…)
She eats photos

She steals my food but doesnt ever eat it
She runs out the doors when they open
She plays on every table, counter, mantle, side table and chair there is
She has managed to scratch the shit out of my leather couches and new leather kitchen set..she is declawed….She likes to scratch the shit out of stuff with her back paws…

So without much further ado, I give you a big healthy dose of laughing at my bad little kitty!

Archive From the Prissy Prom Queen file, I am quoted as introducing Lilli to you like so….

"This cat is...naughty? bad? She cries alll the time. If her food is more than half a day old, if there's one 'entry' in her litter box, if you arent picking her up lalala. She has a nasty thing with eating any developed pictures we leave lying around and gets onto EVERY TABLE and EVERY COUNTER we have. She sleeps ONLY on your chest and butt and between your knees. She purrs louder then a jet engine and loves to do it right in your ear at 4am. But we love her cause cry baby or not she's got nothing but love to give. Has no bad tempers, and 1001 noises, some that sound likes barks and hello's! she plays FETCH! FETCH! and TAG!She likes to play acrobat on the top edges of my loft banisters and dodges through them side to side 15 feet in the air! I have a heart attack every time.She drives my whole family crazy but they cant help but look at that face and melt! her "

As much of a pain in the ass as lilli can be, I without a doubt could care less! She is such a loving, sweet cat that even though shes all over everything and louder than the rest of us, she’s my best friend, by fuzzy baby, and matt will agree that she is our spoiled child!!!!

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initially gpl said...

but she is so cute. even i dont even care how much she clawed at me when i slept over at ur place in my drunken state after temple clubs. hehe. lilli!!! i like it much better than lillix.