Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hurrah for Drunken cookiedom


Hey all! WOW! Christmas is fast approaching and after a KICK ASS saturday evening with some of my closest dearest friends, i am feeling an amount of refresh after a truly shit-tastic month and a half.

We drove down to Trenton for saturday and decided to make our way to PARIS ONTARIO to see my wonderful Niagara Family, Marky, melody, James, Holly, Trevor, Andy, Gigi and Baby Keegan.
We were celebrating Christmas (and thanksgiving...late) at marks house! We got there late in the evening as we were attending Matt's Grandfather's Funeral. (yes...we seriously had another close family member pass away this month)

James, Melody, Holly and Mark

But when we got there it was good times. My arms were stuffed with all my christmas cookies and presents, and Holly prepped a big dish of leftover turkey dinner for us. It was DELICIOUS! Holly was very proud of her Turkey, whom she affectionately named SKELETOR...???...

Keegan is only 2 so after a half hour of cuddles and laughs with him, Gigi and Andy headed home. Also, i got lots of yummy news!

For one, Gigi is expecting their second baby!


And second, Trevor Proposed to Chantilly! YAY!


Cant wait until august, cause thats when the baby is due AND when the wedding is! Talk about one fun end to the summer! (yay barn wedding yay)
Anyways, the night was grand. we ate we drank, we laughed and jumped around. A little present exchange and some extra laughs. I got a new 7" santoku knife from chantilly, my secret santa. I can't wait to quick chop some potatos! And Chicken! HUZZAH! Matt got Rummoli and dirty playing cards with a blond chick dressed up in various outfits. including a carebear, strawberry shortcake, her cherry friend, alice of wonderland, and yes, even RAINBOW BRITE. love em they are so funny.

James and Melody, excited about their presents!


We watched just friends and then decorated a bunch of the cookies i brought with me. It was hilarious, i wont rattle on about it. But it was funny...

Once we were all falling off to dreamland matt and i slept on a couch in the basement. But we moved the coffee table up and covered it in 4 blankets...making a sort of cot. I sletp half on the couch and half on the table...i wont say it was comfortable...but my back doesnt really hurt too much, and i was pretty comfy for MOST of the night. i'de do it again if i had to.

The next morning we all woke up around the same time, and lazed about chit chatting and goofing off until we smelt bacon and his parents called us up for breakfast, SWEET! we discovered a breakfast feast! THANKS YOU GUYS!

After more chilling and laughing and our general goofy selves, matt and i headed home for my mom's family christmas. Thats all. dont know how long i rambled...

Later in the week: The unfortunate gingerbread house and the annual christmas movie and cookie day.

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