Friday, November 24, 2006

hard times!

I know i don't usually blog about my personal life so much, and that mostly when i talk about my life its always the happy undramatic things i like to share. But given this week, i can only deem it an appropriate exception that i write something that totally bums people out!

On November 21st, we woke up in the morning to discover Matt's father Tom, had passed away in the night. Tom lived in the states but came to canada to stay with us at the end of october after a 3 month stint in the hospital. He suffered an aortic aneurysm in July and miraculously, survived. He was staying with us until he could find a new, suitable rehab. Due to flatlining on the operating table he ended up with a brain injury, causing his short term memory to be damaged.
He was doing better and life was adjusting. During his stay with us Matt and I were his daytime care givers, staying with him, making sure he got his proper daily exercises done, taking him to the doctor, making him lunch, joking around, shopping, etc. He was functional, just a little bit lost sometimes.

Tom died on his 52nd birthday of a second aortic aneurysm. He had been to the hospital the night before, and was released less than 24 hours before he died.

We spent 3 weeks with him, which we are thankful for. I know he approved of Matt and I because he recently asked Matt what his intentions were with me. When Matt told him he wanted to marry me, Tom told him GOOD. That I am good for him and something else nice~! Either way, he told matt he liked me!

Here is Matt's Eulogy... i thought it would be nice to include

I wish I knew the words
I wish I knew the way
To ease your hurt a little
and cheer your heart today
But i'm not sure exactly
What to say or what to do
I just know i really care
And want you to know that i do too.
Tom enjoyed his life, and lived it on his terms.
He enjoyed all that he did.
As a boy he excelled at sports. Growing up in the shadow of the Bata ski hill, time spent in hot summer days at the swimming hole, in later years motorcycle and golf. Tom has been away from us for the past nineteen years, he chose to make his life in the United States.

Tom suffered and aneurysm this summer. He spent many weeks recovering from this, he was given this time to visit us one more time. To see his mom and dad, spend more time with his sons.

We will always be very grateful for the time Tom was given with us.

Thomas Albert Hunt

November 21st 1954- November 21st 2006

You'll always be my father in law big Tommy!


initially gpl said...

To Matt and Angela

I'm happy you were blessed with the time you spent with your father/father-in-law. I know it will take some time and we pray that your strength and fond memories will heal the pain.

I'm sorry for your loss. I'm just happy that you have each other to lean on when the rest of the family can't be there phyisically.

Just know that you can always call on us when you need us... or even when you don't need us.

My condolences.


Julie Smith said...

Hi Angie - this is beautiful - very fitting tribute (love the picture)- found you as I was goofing with somethings today at work. thanks for the trubute to my Brother

Talk to you soon - Hope to get to see you and Matt at Christmas this year..

Aunt Julie or