Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Battle of the Popping Styles!


Last week i had a craving. A craving for popcorn! What kind of popcorn? NOT MICROWAVED!

After poking around in my cupboards I found a trusty package of JIFFY POP.
Now, my mother hates Jiffy Pop and gets annoyed everytime i bring it into the house. Since my mom is very sure Jiffy Pop is not only unhealthy but full of chance to accumulate bugs...I never had it growing up. I did have it once or twice when i was younger, always at my cousin's cottage. In college i made an attempt or two or three at popping it...and every time i BURNT THE HELL OUT OF IT!

My attraction to the Jiffy pop was not merely its flavour, but its attitude! I had so much insane fun watching it puff up into its aluminum ball! After my first successful go at the jiffy while camping, i went jiffy wild! I discovered the real secret to this bundle of corn! GAS RANGES!

Three or four more time since then i have made the Jiffy on my gas range at home (i will never go back to electric..AMEN!) and everytime it was PERFECT!!!!!

However, one fateful night, matt was soo tired to come into the kitchen with me and take pictures of the popcorn bubble growing! So i attempted to do it myself! When i opened the package, it had a small hole poked into it... i put the hole there..no bugs this time. So not only did i try to pop it anyway and take pictures, but i had it turned away from me on a funny angle and...well...I BURNT THE SHIT OUT OF IT AGAIN! Not only did i burn it but it actually STOPPED popping half way through!


But like a phoenix, i found happiness in the ashes. I decided to make much tastier popcorn...which is actually more fun to pop just not as fun to watch...

The amazing, the incomparable, WHIRLY POP MACHINE! The Whirly pop rocks..... Here is why...and How! You need but 3 items.... butter and salt discluded....

2 Tbs Oil (corn, vegetable, your choice)
1/3 cup popping kernels
your whirly machine!

Coat the bottom of the whirly machine with the oil and drop the kernels in so that there is no overlapping.

Put the Whirly lid on and turn the heat on to medium low. Spin the handle semi-rapidly for a couple minutes. The popcorn starts popping rapidly within 2-3 minutes i find on a gas range. Spin the handle rapidly until the popcorn slows. As soon as there is 3 seconds between pops and you feel a resistance against the handle, TAKE IT OFF THE STOVE!

Important tip: have your bowl out and ready BEFORE putting the popper on the stove. It goes fast and it needs full attention!

The Whirly popper has a swinging lid on top so just TIP IT over in the direction of your bowl and pour it out! Salt and melted Butter (or if you are me, margarine) to your liking and enjoy some ridiculously delicious popcorn!

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initially gpl said...

The jiffypop at the NFR camping trip was GREAT! it said on the package that it was not recommended for campfire popping but guess what?!
i am quite amazed by that whirly pop, however I have not tried it with you so I will not want to get one til I do.
Can you pop the popcorn with butter? I do not like popping popcorn in oils... it doesnt taste the same.
At one of my places to live in Welland, I would always pop popcorn in pots cause our microwave was always taken to Wendy's by a certain roommate. and I remember ALWAYS burning the bottom of the pots. But the butter and the popcorn tasted AMAZING still.