Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tasty Eats @ sunset grill.

We were recently in the Muskoka Area for labour day weekend and to support a friend in the big battle of the bands at KEE TO BALA, on a group camping trip. We ate lots of goodies...and meat...oh GOD did we eat LOTS of meat. It was a great weekend and our hungover selves decided on the way home that we would stop somewhere on the way back and get some breakfast. We stopped here, the sunset grill. It was in a really cute location, on the lakeshore. A few shops sit in the same plaza, such as a native ware shop and a cozy tea post and bakery. There was a big eatery boat floating by the shore, and looking very busy. Perhaps we will check it out next summer during our triumphant return!
So we ate at sunset, it was cottagy inside, and a little loud, but the food was pretty decent and the menu was not very big, offering mostly breakfast, a couple sandwiches and fruit and yogurt bowls. It made it easy for all of us starving children to narrow down our choices. We all had the same dish i recall, 3 eggs with either bacon or sausage with pancakes, home fries and toast. it was just right for that way back.
I would suggest checking it out...but i dont know where on the road we got off to eat!

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