Monday, September 18, 2006

"Snack Cake!"

Ok....The sno-ball.

Fat people get excited about food. Its a fact. We can't help it! My food that i get excited about is the sno ball. The sno-ball is a snack cake manufactured by HOSTESS. Its essentially just a slightly dry chocolate cake shaped like a dumpling and filled with creamy vanilla icing. Then its wrapped in a fluffy marshmallow blanket and dipped in coconut...with a twist! They come in different colours. Purple at easter, green, red at christmas i think, and boy oh boy are they ever TASTY!
In high school my nickname was snowball because i loved them so much (and because that was also the name of the town i lived in..and im round and white hahaha).


they are only sold in select stores throughout the U.S.A. I live in Canada. Thusly this is a problem. however the distance between us makes me love the little sugar rush cakes even more! Matt was recently in Indianapolis Indiana visiting his dad. He was there one other time and couldnt find them anywhere. Luckily the second time was the charm! He brought me 2 packs and i could not help but document them! Its not often i get to enjoy!

So here it it. My sno ball afternoon!

Deliciously cute, round and pink. I almost didn't think i could eat it....

...I said Almost!

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