Monday, September 18, 2006

The Recipe Blog Queen

It's 3 in the afternoon here and im adding another post. I plan to add another one this evening as well. This is kind of addicting... i should be careful. mwahahahaha.
I'm sure i will post 3 things a day for about a week and phase out to one every few days, every week etc. I have the attention span of a bottle of windex.

But i thought I would post this one quickly while i waste some time before work.
I started this blog because i stumbled across another one that was alll recipes, or kitchen related or restaurant related. I love it! I check on it all the time and have rummaged from the most recent post all the way back to the first post in 2005. A really nice woman in Oregon has a really good nack for food and for balancing types of food, and healthy food. She has some super fun recipes she has taken out of familiar food tv recipe books and put her own spin on them. She's A+! If you really like recipes and want to see some really sweet ones, I pass along this site, as it's just so fun. ENJOY!

I found it and got excited thinking it said jem angela ville. My mind went "oooooo" a site with my name in it! im not french and im not bright so it took me a little while to realize it said something different.

Ps- working on matts computer and its being a real W**** and wont let me upload any photos.... i have to hold off on my first recipe post until tonight!

take care everyone! or the two people i know read this....

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michelle said...

Awww, thanks for the plug :)

I'm really glad you started a blog -- you'll enjoy it!