Wednesday, November 01, 2006

daddy knows his shit

Well, i am aware that i have already put up a blog today. but im putting up another one ok!
hahaha. In fact, if im bored enough tonight and tomorrow, i shall post PART ONE of our weekend on the lake. MATT's HALLOWEEN BIRTHDAY BASH!

I decided to post one photo. While at my cottage weeks ago i was on a walk down the road with my mom, aunt, dad and cousin. Now, i had the camera around my neck and i saw this really cool tree stub with an array of fungi all over it. I jumped at it to take a picture and realized... **GASP** i did not have a card in the camera! OH LORD!

It was not until this past weekend that i was sorting through the card i had forgotten, that i found THIS shot of that very fungi family. Apparently my dad beat me to the very shot a week prior!

Good for him!

So without further ado, here is it. My dad's cool ass fungi picture, that i am so jealous is not my shot!

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