Thursday, September 21, 2006

A priss, a softy and a trailor park rebel

Ok... i didn't cook anything today but pasta and it was with leftover homemade sauce. If im gonna post pasta it's gonna be from the beginning to end. So here is a post about the pets matt, my sister and I have!

Lillix is 'our' cat, and just turned 3. I never liked cats growing up but decided they are cheaper and easier than dogs. Thusly, i found my kitten at a niagara falls seedy mall at the sweet price of $19.99. I decided to buy from here cause its a not so nice store and it felt like i was saving an animal rather than supporting a mill (which these days you never know). I fell totally in love with her and she had been my best furry friend since. The first night home she cuddled up to me and i slept with my arms around her. She's my baby! She lives with me and i pay for everything but she is our cat because she was made a family member a month after we started dating, and has been with us our entire relationship.

This cat is...naughty? bad? She cries alll the time. If her food is more than half a day old, if there's one 'entry' in her litter box, if you arent picking her up lalala. She has a nasty thing with eating any developed pictures we leave lying around and gets onto EVERY TABLE and EVERY COUNTER we have. She sleeps ONLY on your chest and butt and between your knees. She purrs louder then a jet engine and loves to do it right in your ear at 4am. But we love her cause cry baby or not she's got nothing but love to give. Has no bad tempers, and 1001 noises, some that sound likes barks and hello's! she plays FETCH! FETCH! and TAG!
She likes to play acrobat on the top edges of my loft banisters and dodges through them side to side 15 feet in the air! I have a heart attack every time.
She drives my whole family crazy but they cant help but look at that face and melt! her nick names are lilli, lix, lillykin, likkyboo, lillybitch and shut up im trying to sleep.


Mike is matt's family dog, whome we believe to be a SCHNOODLE, a schnauzer poodle mix. They rescued him through Paws Of Georgina 4 or 5 years ago. It's sad because he was a battered dog, and you can't touch his nose or he pulls away from you. HOWEVER, matt's family has taken such good care of him, and he has such a gentle dispostion, that all he does is cuddle!

He doesn't bark, doesn't bite, doesn't scratch or growl. He only barks at the doorbell but that is a recent thing we encouraged him to do and he still only does it half the time.

He will jump on you, in your lap, however he needs you to get himself some pets. When you stop he paws at you with both hands. Sometimes he does it WHILE you are petting him so that you will pet him better! He is very quiet, and calm and only gets hyper when he realizes there is a walk coming or that you are willing to chase him from room to room jumping onto beds with him. (if you don't jump on the bed with him he wont run to the next one! seriously) think im kidding but im not!
Mike is one of the best dogs you could ask for and i wish he could come with us when we move in together! We know what kind of dog to look for when we get our own ;) The only nickname he has is obscene and gives matts last name away so sorry:)


Soca has belonged to 4 of us. Matt and I were working at Paramount Canada's Wonderland 2 years ago when matt learned 5 kittens had been abandoned under a trailor behind the concert hall. We decided to save some but by the time i got there, 4 had been happily adopted by 4 other employees. Only one was left! After 4 hours of trying to catch her someone else caught her and put her in my cage. We took her home and she was matts new baby whom lillix was less than amused to meet. She stayed at matt's until his brother got so sick from her his throat was abismal and almost closed. We were all very sad to have to let her go but THANKFULLY! My sister and my brother in law decided they would like to have her. WOO! So Soca stayed in the family, and her and lillix are now cousins as opposed to sisters. But Lillix is the priss from hicktown and soca is the carnie trailor park rebel.

Soca is not much for the loving unless it is on her own terms or she sees or hears treats. That lasts a few seconds until she gets sick of waiting and digs her claws into your ass. She once jumped up on me and dug both hands and both feet into me, paws in my ass, me screaming and flailing the treats around. She's always up at the cottage, and always disappears, emergin later covers in cob webs and dust. She's trash i told you! Im glad she didnt end up as our cat cause i like a cat who i can pick up and carry around. Im happy shes still around and glad my sister will never ever want to part with her. Her nick names are sophi, sokey, soca-sue and as i like to call her, psyko treat monger

There. did i bore you? me too!

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michelle said...

Ah, what cute pets :)

I love cats but I am fond of dogs as well. Great picture of Mike the dog!